Motta Internacional S.A.

Motta Internacional SA possesses a status in the Colon Free Zone that is nearly legendary. A fixture in the Duty Free Zone for almost all of its existence, the company is one of the biggest, most successful enterprises and it possesses a business model that is emulated by countless operations, not only in Panama, but worldwide.

The roots of the company date back to 1940 when Motta and Motta, located in the city of Colon, began selling duty-free liquors and perfumes to tourists as they travelled the Panama Canal. Renamed Motta Internacional SA in 1949, the company opened the first duty-free store in the Western Hemisphere at the Tocumen Airport. This enterprise was the basis of the duty-free store that the company would open in 1952 in the fledgling Colon Free Zone, and it would quickly become a model for similar stores throughout the world.

Currently, the company continues to experience explosive growth, with a strong presence throughout Latin America. Motta Internacional SA stores can be found in more than twenty countries in Central America, the Caribbean and South America, and the company which started with just three employees, now has a team of more than 600. In addition, the company has expanded into a leadership role of helping other duty-free stores begin operations or grow, offering technical assistance based on the company´s long and successful history.

A leader in duty-free sales, Motta Internacional SA has a proud history and promising future. From its humble beginnings, the company has grown to be a pillar of the Colon Free Zone and an example for other businesses to follow.

Products offered include:
Fashion Accessories
Leather Goods
Purses / Handbags
Cigars / Cigarettes / Tobacco
Toys and Baby Products
Video games and accessories
Video Cameras

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